About me

Who is Pavlina Jirouskova?

I have experienced many health problems myself, including eczema, various digestive issues, hypothyroidism, and in the past also an eating disorder and depression. Although I have two master’s degrees in Czech and German and in International Relations and I have professionally tried all different things, my own health problems and the impossibility of finding solutions and improving my health through traditional medicine, have led me through many one way streets to become very interested in the holistic approach and in functional medicine and nutrition, personally at first and later also professionally. This very approach has helped me tremendously, and therefore I decided to inspire other women with chronic illnesses through sharing my story, and help them on their journey to improving their health issues, or maybe even completely healing them and live symptom free.

I graduated in 2017 from a nutrition course, and I am currently continuing my education in functional nutrition through the occasional cooperation with the  Institute of Functional Medicine and Nutrition in the Czech Republic, online through the ‘MBG Advanced Functional Nutrition Program’, and through ongoing self-study.

Since I however know from my own experience that nutrition and lifestyle changes are important if we ant to improve our health, but they are often not enough in order to heal. Therefore, I combine in my practice a holistic approach with functional nutrition and other approaches that I have successfully used myself on my healing journey. These approaches include techniques from yoga, meditation and from various books and workshops on self-development, and some others that I have discovered myself.

I believe that in order to get better, we need to change something in our life. Often it is not just your diet that needs to change. It is crucial to find out what has contributed to our health issues and what we need to start doing differently, be it our mental patterns, a stressful job, or the relationship to ourselves.

In order to get rid of our health problems or annoying symptoms, or to improve the way we feel in our body, we need to start focusing on our mind and remove the emotional blocks and old patterns of thinking we have created, that often prevent the improvement of our health and our psyche. An amazing technique, called EFT (stands for emotional freedom techniques) has helped me personally a lot. Therefore, I have competed a course on EFT in 2018 and got certified as an Therapist of EFT and Energetic Psychology. Today, I combine both approaches in my practice, holistic and nutritional health coaching and EFT therapy.

My role models and amazing virtual teachers in the field of self-development are for instance Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Melissa Ambrosini, Gabrielle Bernstein, and many more. I draw from their teachings a lot in my own self-development, and I also use them when working with clients.

The very combination of all these approaches, methods and techniques has helped me tremendously, and still continues to help me every day. Therefore I have decided to inspire other women with chronic and other problems by sharing my story. I can also help them as a certified nutritionist and EFT therapist with their health problems, their psyche and their relationship to themselves and others. You can read more about my journey in the article My Story.


How Exactly Can I Help You?

There are several ways and you can also combine them. I am currently offering:

  • Nutritional and holistic health coaching. Together we will look at your diet and your lifestyle, I will help you to find the real causes of your health problems, and then recommend individualized diet and lifestyle changes and  changes of your everyday habits.
  • Tailor-made diet plans.
  •  Individualized diet plan and recommendations within the autoimmune protocol (AIP) which I followed for several months.
  • EFT therapy (in support of a recommended protocol and also separately)
  • Packages combining nutritional advice, holistic health coaching and EFT therapy.

You can find the price list of the services I provide here and if you would like to work with me or ask me any questions, you can contact me here.