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Why Affirmations Do Not Work

Do you ever wonder why your affirmations don’t work?

You’ve read so much about the benefits of affirmations and positive thinking, but although you repeat your affirmations a 100 times a day and your walls are covered with inspiring quotes, it doesn’t seem to work. You are still sad, you don’t believe in yourself, it’s really hard to transform your intentions into actions and your dreams don’t seem to be coming true. You don’t believe what you are saying or reading.

I am happy. I am happy. I am happy… But I don’t feel happy, you tell yourself!

The problem is not you, it’s the formulation of your intention or affirmation.

There is an easy way how to change this. You need to decide and say it:

I have decided to be happy. Try to say it out loud: I HAVE DECIDED TO…

Your decision is the key! Then it’s easy, trust me!

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