Conscious healing blueprint

Next level online program for women with chronic health issues, such as eczema or autoimmune disease, who are ready to transform their life and heal on all levels.
Pavlina Jirouskova
3-month program for women with chronic health issues who are ready to consciously heal & transform on all levels

Step into your power, connect to your inner wisdom and consciously release and heal everything that is standing in the way of your health and wellbeing.

There is a deeper reason why you are suffering from a chronic illness, such as eczema or autoimmune disease!

Your body and your soul are speaking to you.

Your symptoms are messages from your highest self that you are not living in alignment with the truth of who you are!

You have the power to heal yourself and you are the only one who can heal yourself!

Let me guide you and show you how

Imagine, you could wake up every day with joy and love in your heart, grateful for your beautiful life and your vibrant health, and excited for the day ahead.


I would love support you and to guide on your healing journey!

Are you ready to connect to your inner wisdom and consciously release and heal everything that is standing in the way of your health and wellbeing?

Pavlina Jirouskova
Hey lovely! I’m Pavlina

I’m a Conscious Healing Coach and I guide women to connect to themselves, to their inner power. I help them to consciously heal their chronic health issues from within and finally live the healthy, happy, and empowered life they are meant to live.

My purpose in this lifetime is to help other women to awaken, to connect with their own healing power. I am passionate about guiding other women to consciously heal themselves. I came here to illuminate the darkness in women’s minds and hearts, and help them to see the truth of who they really are and what they came here to do.

I help them to uncover and unblock, release and heal everything that is not in alignment with their highest self and that is standing in the way of their health and wellbeing. I empower them to step into their power and their purpose and to heal themselves and others as a result.

Only six years ago, I had a breakdown every night from all the stress and overwhelm I was experiencing at work.

My body was screaming at me that I cannot go on like this any longer but I didn’t listen.

I developed multiple chronic health issues, including severe eczema, hypothyroidism, inflammation in my gut and body and more than one hundred food sensitivities.

I tried everything (or so I thought) and nothing was helping.

Until I started going within, uncovering and unblocking the root causes of my physical, mental, and emotional issues.

Until I started listening to my body and my inner voice.

Until I started changing my health and my whole life from the inside out.

Until I started living consciously, discovering my power & purpose and stepping into it.

Then I started HEALING from the inside out!

If I could heal all of my chronic health issues, so can you!

I decided to join Conscious Healing Blueprint because I wanted to heal my rheumatoid arthritis. My joint pain was sometimes unbearable, my hands grip capacity was very limited.

CHB utterly exceeded my expectations! I didn’t expect this programme to be so complex, so well prepared to heal everyone. We all are different but CBH is suitable for anyone who is ready and willing to heal.

Pavlina is a rare soul, an angel with big heart and love for everyone. Her sensitive approach made me feel comfortable during the whole CBH. Her personal story is extremely powerful and inspirational.

I totally recommend CBH! Do not hesitate and join CBH, the programme is unique as much as Pavlina is. I wished I came across Pavlina’s programme earlier as I spent two years searching for the right healing path for me. CBH has everything, you will heal yourself and grow spiritually as well.

I am blown away by Pavlina’s skills, knowledge and dedication to heal women. I will be always grateful for this wonderful experience that has changed my life.

After only couple of lessons my right-hand grip capacity adjusted from 10% to almost 100%, the swelling of my fingers was gone. I stopped using my medication and I have been taking them only when experiencing flare ups. These are usually not food but stress or emotional related which was a new learning experience for me. Furthermore, I can now eat foods that I couldn’t eat before, and I do not react to them the way like in the past. I am not 100% fit but I feel I am getting my old life slowly back. My whole perception of what had caused my health condition has changed and I truly believe that I need to heal my soul first. This is going to be a long and ongoing process but I am sure I am on the right track.

Jitka P.

Conscious healing blueprint will give you

An understanding of what your body and your soul need to heal

Proven tools to get you there, including EFT, inner voice guidance & healing, and soul therapy

Support and guidance on your healing journey from your inner voice, your highest self and your spirit support squad

Empathy and understanding from someone who has been there and was able not only to heal their chronic health issues, but also to help to heal and thrive many women before you

A beautiful community of women who are going through what you are and understand what you are going through

Are you ready to connect to your true self, step into your power and heal from within?!

When I first contacted Pavlina, I was an emotional wreck, I was exhausted, desperate, I didn’t believe in myself at all. I was a new mom and I needed to deal with my eczema and nothing I knew so far worked (diet, Chinese herbs, creams). I knew I need to look deeper, to the heart of the problem. I didn’t want to at first, because it seemed too hard, but I went for it anyway, as I realized that my daughter started developing eczema as well, so when I found Pavlina and her program I went for it.

During the program, Pavlina helped me understand that it all depends on me and my inner world. Whether I’m well or not, whether I’m healthy or not depends only on me. Pavlina and her program allowed me to take life into my own hands, to take responsibility for it. And she also helped me realize my self-worth.

Physically, my eczema improved significantly and I began to see it only as an indicator that I needed to change something within myself, not as the number one enemy to fight (but it took time ;)).

Mentally – I needed to understand and establish my role as a mother and accept it.

Emotionally – I needed to process my experience of childbirth and the time that followed after that which I did successfully with Pavlina’s guidance. 

Pavlina’s program can help every woman discover a piece of herself, get closer to her emotions and process them, and also open her eyes to what she can do. I appreciated Pavlina’s lovingness and how she never judged me, even though I was constantly judging myself. And also that she always listened to me. I would like to thank Pavlina once again for everything from the bottom of my heart. I feel deep gratitude to her for being here for me and helping me return to myself during the most difficult time of my life.

Martina K.

The program can help you with

Chronic illness

Autoimmune disease



Mental health

Chronic pain

Anxiety and depression

Digestive issues

Hormonal issues

Emotional issues

What is conscious healing

No longer relying on other people saving you and healing you & taking responsibility for your life and health, for healing yourself; consciously choosing the path of empowerment and sovereignty

Connecting to your highest self and releasing the parts of you that are not in alignment with who you truly are and how you meant to live

Letting your inner voice guide you towards healing together with me

⮞ Recognizing that you are not your body or your mind, you are not your thoughts or your emotions and that your health issues are signals from your soul that you are not living in alignment with your true self, that you are living trapped in your mind, reliving painful past experiences or fearing them repeating in the future.

Uncovering and unblocking underlying causes of your health issues on the subconscious level, on the energetic level, and the soul level and healing from the inside out

Healing on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically; past, present, and future

⮞ Recognizing that by healing yourself, you are healing not only your body and your soul, but also your ancestors, your children, your community, and ultimately, you are contributing to healing humanity


THE CONSCIOUS HEALING MANIFESTO (channelled from my inner voice)

You have chosen this life, these lessons,
You chose to consciously heal them,
For yourself and your family,
For the collective.
By healing yourself and your past
You are helping your family and your ancestors to heal as well.
You have chosen to come here to heal and uplevel humanity,
To create a New Earth.
Calling in all the Light Workers.
Heal yourself, heal the tribe.
We are all in this together.
Choose to take responsibility for your life,
For your body and your health.
Choose to step into your power and your purpose.
Choose to feel what you need to feel
And heal what you need to heal.
Choose to release all that’s not true,
All that’s not love,
All that’s not serving you,
And all that’s not in alignment with your Highest Self.

When you finally step into alignment with your highest self and the whole Universe, when you remember who you truly are and what you came here to do and how you wanna live your life, you can start releasing layers of pain and fear and start healing from within!

I came across Pavlina and her website while looking for information on the autoimmune protocol which I hoped would cure my ever-worsening eczema. I thought that adjusting my diet would solve or at least reduce my problems. Pavlina explained to me that a healthy diet is important but it’s not the critical factor when healing eczema or any other health issues. The most important is our inner universe, our soul, our emotions, feelings and working with them. That without a healthy soul the body cannot be healthy. We started working together through Pavlina’s program and the results came quickly. It’s not for free, you have to go really deep within. Today, my eczema only starts to flare up when something is out of alignment in my mind and it’s a signal for me that I need to address it. Pavlina was a great friend to me at a time when I didn’t know where to go and a light at the end of the tunnel was not visible. The money I paid for her program was one of the best investments of my life! At first, I was a little distrustful because I had read a lot of books on self-development and everything that affects us, but I soon became convinced that I had obviously not read enough and there would always be someone who had read even more, who knows more and who can help me. And best of all, Pavlina went through all this herself, so she knows very well what she is talking about, she has lived it.

Radka J.

Mind, body & soul


You will uncover and unblock the real causes of your health issues in your physical, emotional and energetic body, as well as in your subconscious programming, your past lives, your soul memory

You will learn how to release emotional and energetic blocks that contributed to the development of your issues and that are preventing your healing.

You will learn how to identify and reprogram subconscious programs and limiting beliefs that are connected to these emotional blocks

I will guide you together with your inner voice and your spirit support squad to alleviate or even completely eliminate your health problems through the powerful combination of guided inner voice healings, EFT, soul activations, past life healings, ancestral healings, and much more

Your body wants to be healthy! Health & wellbeing is your natural state. By removing all that is standing in the way of your health, your body will naturally come back to its natural state of good health

Healing together


I know from my own experience that in order to achieve the desired results, it is crucial to have by your side someone who understands you, motivates you, and supports you on your healing journey.

When trying to heal, you can often feel quite lonely and it can sometimes be difficult and discouraging.

You will not only have my support and guidance and the support and sisterhood of the other beautiful women who will join the program together with you, but also the support of you inner voice, your highest self, your soul, and the whole Universe!

By healing ourselves, one by one, we are healing our families, our communities, and we are contributing to healing the whole planet!

Does Conscious Healing Blueprint feel aligning for you and you can’t wait to start? Join us today!

I used to have eczema as a child and in 2019 it flared up after many years. In a short time, it spread almost all over my body. I no longer wanted to see a dermatologist and take steroids, and during my search for alternative solutions I found Pavlina’s website. I soon completed the first session with her, which I was thrilled about and right after it ended, I felt great relief, even though the eczema still remained. I had a lot of stored trauma and negative emotions that I hadn’t processed in the past and I didn’t know about it, or that it was causing my eczema. We worked through all of it with Pavlina’s help and the eczema started going away. I learned a lot from Pavlina during the 6 months together, including many useful techniques I use all the time. I feel much better and I am happy again with each new day and the energy and enthusiasm for the ongoing work on myself. Pavlina, thank you so very much! I highly recommend working with Pavlina to anyone who wants to heal their chronic health issues like me!

Andrea B.

What you will gain through the program

⮞ You will connect to and develop a deeper connection with your inner voice (intuition) and let her guide you towards health and wellbeing

⮞ You will learn to understand what your symptoms mean, recognise the signals your body is giving you, what they mean and how to follow your body’s guidance

⮞ You will identify the real causes of your problems and consciously release and heal them

⮞ You will improve your relationship with yourself, your body, and your health

⮞ We will unblock your possible resistance to change

⮞ You will improve your overall health and wellbeing

⮞ You will learn effective techniques and modalities that will help you release the blocks and patterns that don’t serve you or your health

⮞ You will be able to continue using them beyond the program and prevent future flareups; in cases when you will experience future flareups, you will have tools to heal again and again, if necessary

⮞ You will unblock subconscious processes, emotional patterns, and energetic blocks that led to the development of your health issues and/or have been blocking your healing

⮞ You will consciously heal the deeper parts of you that may have been hurt or feel broken

⮞ You will step into your power and your purpose and come back to the beautiful goddess you are!

What's included in the program

6 modules (modules will drop bi-weekly; see below for more info about each module)

6 workbooks (one for each module; each workbook will include additional tasks, exercises, practices, questions for you and your intuition)

Private Facebook group for CHB members only (where you can ask me questions & connect with other people who are going through CHB at the same time)

Guided EFT (tapping) videos and processes, guided healing meditations, activations, visualizations, soul journeys

Daily and weekly exercises and journal prompts

Possibility to apply for additional 1:1 support

6 modules of CHB

Celostní program individuální

1. introduction & intuition

* Introduction
* Conscious Healing Training
* Intuition Training
* Activation Reconnect with Your Soul
* Meditation Connect with Your Intuition
* Guided Energetic Cleanse

2. Awareness and Conscious Unblocking with EFT

* Underlying Causes and Subconscious Blocks
* EFT (Tapping) Training
* Unblocking Resistance to Healing (Guided EFT Process)
* Release Stress and Overwhelm (Guided EFT Process)
* Processing Underlying Causes (Guided EFT Process)
* Addressing Symptoms (Guided EFT Process)

3. self-love & self-acceptance

* Self-Love & Self-Acceptance Training
* Inner Child Healing (Guided Process)
* Self-Acceptance Guided Meditation
* Self-Love (Guided EFT Process)
* Healing EFt Process for Food Intolerances & Sensitivities
Celostní program individuální

4. Forgiveness & (Self-)Judgement

* Why Is It Important to Forgive Yourself & Others
* How Subconscious Judgements Influence Your Health
* Forgiveness Meditation (Guided Process)
* Self-Judgement Healing Meditation
* EFT Guided Process for Forgiveness and (Self-)Judgement

5. ancestral & past life healing

* Training Ancestral & Past Life Healing
* Healing Your Female Lineage (Guide Process)
* Healing Your Male Lineage (Guide Process)
* Past Life Healing (Guide Soul Journey)
* Guided Grounding Meditation

6. conscious life

* Conscious Life Training
* Meet Your Soul Guides & Receive the Support of the Universe
* Trust and Surrender; Flow
* Conscious Life in the Here & Now
* Body Scan Meditation
* Chakra Cleanse Meditation

I chose Pavlina’s program because I did not feel healthy and energetic for a long time. I was experiencing cramps and abdominal pain which had no medical explanation. Thanks to EFT and other healing modalities my pain subsided. I still sometimes get a bit of abdominal pain but thanks to Pavlina, I learned to recognize what the pain came from and how to release it. During the time we worked together, Pavlina and I also opened other topics that I had not thought of before (blocks in my intimate life, fear of my family members dying etc.). I still feel relief in all the topics and areas we worked on. Overall, I feel so much better. I’m full of energy and new found respect for myself. I appreciate Pavlina’s ongoing support and empathy which I received from her throughout the whole cooperation. I never had to be afraid to open up to her and share about whatever came up. I would recommend the program to anyone who not only needs to solve a specific health problem, but maybe just feels that everything in their life is not as it should be. Thank you so much!

Michaela M.

What results can you expect

As you will uncover and unblock the main underlying causes of your health issues, you will gradually start feeling better and better physically, mentally, and emotionally

As you will become more MINDFUL and RE-CONNECT to yourself and your body, you will gradually start living more and more in ALIGNMENT with your highest self and the Universe

You will learn how to PREVENT FUTURE FLARE-UPS of your health issues

You will have tools and techniques to continue working on yourself, recognize the SIGNALS FROM YOUR BODY and whispers form YOUR SOUL that are showing you the way

You will learn how to manage your MINDSET and your ENERGY

You will learn how to love yourself and your body and FEEL AMAZING

You will learn how to STOP JUDGING yourself and others and FORGIVE yourself and others

You will become GRATEFUL for the health issues you had and that they taught you to WAKE UP and to LISTEN TO THE MESSAGES YOUR BODY AND YOUR SOUL were giving you, that they brought you back to yourself, helped you grow, expand, and become the best version of yourself

How do you know if the program is for you?

You feel in your heart that CHB is for you

You are ready to step into your POWER, to take responsibility for your own health, and to TRANSFORM your life

You are ready to COMMIT to your healing long-term to achieve lasting results

You are willing to consciously show up for yourself and do the work

If you are ready to step into your power, transform your life, and consciously heal on all levels, I would love to have you!

Your investment:

$555 usd

**Option to apply for additional 1:1 support during the program**

If you want to be informed once Conscious Healing Blueprint reopens for enrolment put your name on the WAITLIST under the link below

I help women to

I help women to step into their power, align with their purpose and live the life their soul came here to live.

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I help women to

I help women to step into their power, align with their purpose and live the life their soul came here to live.

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