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17. 6. 20210
the heart connection podcast - episode 2

Welcome to second episode of The Heart Connection Podcast!

The Heart Connection Podcast is a place to connect, to inspire, to heal & to empower you to live a healthy, happy and purposeful life from your heart. My intention for the HCP is to speak openly from my heart to yours, about life, personal growth, spirituality, healing, and purpose.

In this episode of The Heart Connection Podcast, I talk about the importance of healing chronic health issues holistically. It’s not enough to heal only your body. It’s necessary to heal all parts of you, body, mind and soul as they are all connected.

You are not just your body. Your true essence is your soul. Your soul lives in your physical body and it uses your mind to function in this physical reality.

Your soul is speaking through your body. Your symptoms are signs from your soul that you are not living in alignment with your highest self.

In this episode, I share with you how you can take care of your body, work on your mind and connect with your soul in order to heal from any kind of chronic illness, including eczema, autoimmune disease, any kind of digestive issues, hormonal imbalance or any other chronic health issues.

But first, I would like to share with you a message that came through for the listeners of The Heart Connection Podcast before I started recording EPISODE 2:

Heal from within.

Not with-out.

Out out is the focus.

You need to go in.

Go in.

Go within.

The answers are there.

You have all the answers.


Inside of you.

In your body.

In your soul.


Listen closely and carefully.

Your body is speaking to you.

You have the answers.

Follow the guidance.

Heal from within.

From the inside out.

Listen to your soul.

It’s speaking to you.

There is no problem in the body.

The body is just a messenger.

Showing the way.

To yourself.

To wisdom.

To your heart.

Follow the bread crumbs.

Follow the nudges.

Follow the path.

We are here for you.


Holistic healing is to heal from within.

To get out of the mind, inside your body.

Inside your heart and follow.

Follow the path of enlightenment, of growth.

Ride the waves.

Go with the flow.

Let it carry you.

Pain and suffering are a sign that you are going against the current.


Pause and listen.

What is the pain telling you?

Listen to the pain.

Listen to the discomfort.

Listen to your symptoms.

Love them. Be grateful.

They are here for you.

Be present with them and breathe through them.

They are telling a story.

They are the key to your troubles.

All the answers are within you.

Take care of your body.

Listen to your soul.

And follow the guidance.

You are not alone.

The Universe is holding you.

We are holding you.

We will carry you home.

Let it resonate, come back to it, feel the energy of the words, connect to your heart!

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I help women to heal

Helping women with chronic health issues to heal from within is my purpose and passion.
My approach is a combination of inner voice coaching and healing, EFT, holistic health coaching, energy healing, self-development, and spirituality.

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I help women to heal

Helping women with chronic health issues to heal through Inner Voice coaching, holistic health coaching and energy healing is my purpose and passion.

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