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22. 2. 20210

Your health issues are messages from your soul and from your body. Your soul is speaking to you through your body. There are many ways your soul, your inner voice, can speak to you. If you are not living in alignment with your highest self and you are not listening to the whispers from your soul, to the messages from your inner voice, your body will start speaking. No matter if you struggle with physical, mental, or emotional issues, they are always messages. They are gifts from your soul. They are bread crumbs your soul is sending you, so you can learn the lessons you have chosen to learn and overcome before coming to this body, to this lifetime. We tend to run away from our emotions and from our health issues. We push them down, we cover them up, we run away from them. But the only way to heal is to go in, to work through them and to learn the lessons you are meant to learn. I would like to share my own healing story with you today to show you the messages my body was giving me my whole life, the gifts my soul has been sending me, so you can understand better how this works and what you can do about that.

I believe that your health issues are gifts. Most people would probably not agree with me, but if you are reading this, you know that too. Maybe not consciously, but your soul knows. Your health issues are something you have chosen on some level. It’s definitely something your soul has chosen, probably even before you came to this lifetime, to this body you live in right now.

I have been saying to my clients for years that when some health issues come up, they should be grateful for them, that they should be grateful to their bodies that they are speaking to them, and listen to them. Your soul is often speaking to your through your body, especially if you are not connected to your intuition, to your inner voice or when you are not listening to it.


Don’t fight your illness, listen to it.


Chronic health issues can be a great tool for self-development and for spiritual growth. Please do not see your health issues as a burden or as something you have to fight. Don’t fight your illness, listen to it! Your body is speaking to you. What is it trying to tell you? It’s a sign from your body and your soul to step on a path of self-discovery, self-development and soul growth. Ultimately, your soul wants you to live a better life. It wants you to wake up, step out of your comfort zone and to start living the life you are meant to live.


The only way out of your health issues is to go in.


The only way out of your health issues is to go in! To go in, go through what you are meant to find out, to understand, to learn some lessons, to grow, particularly on the soul level. Your soul has been probably sending you signs and messages for years but you were not listening. So, your body had to create an illness in your body for you to slow down and listen.

It was the same for me. I had different health issues my whole life, ever since I was born. I had eczema since I was a baby. I was already born with it. Not long ago, I found out from my inner voice that I chose my mother and my family to heal them, to break the patterns of struggle, the cycle of suffering in this family. When my mom was pregnant with me, she was stressed and I wanted to help her, so I took on some of the pain and stress and developed eczema already when I was in her belly. My eczema has been showing me my whole life when I was stressed or when I was out of alignment. Which was pretty often. It kept flaring up and it never really disappeared, until I started working through my subconscious beliefs and the energetic and emotional blocks in my body, and until I stared living consciously.


My body was giving me so many signals over the years and I totally missed them. I had to get sick again and again to start listening.


However, eczema was not enough for me to wake up. My body was giving me so many signals over the years and I totally missed them. When I look back at it now, I get it. I understand what my body and my soul were telling me the whole time. I had to get sick again and again to start listening. In my twenties, I suffered from depression and bulimia, because I did not love myself or my body. It took three years of psychotherapy to get out of it. I developed severe back and neck pain, so I started doing yoga. I chose wrong relationships with men who did not treat me right or were emotionally unavailable, because I never got the love I wanted and needed from my father and I kept repeating the same pattern. We attract what we believe. Deep down, I did not believe that I was worthy of love. My whole life I believed that I wasn’t good enough, so I chose wrong relationships. I also chose wrong kind of education. I had to get two master’s degrees to prove that I was worthy, but I still wasn’t feeling good enough. Both times, I did not even go to graduation, because deep down I didn’t believe I deserved them.

I ran away to New Zealand when I was 25. I felt free and I stared slowly finding myself. But I was still partying hard and trying to numb the pain I was still feeling deep down with alcohol, parties, socializing, relationships. I was scared of being alone with myself, with my thoughts and my emotions. Instead of dealing with my issues, I pushed them deeper down, I covered them up. But my issues kept surfacing. My eczema kept flaring up all the time and I would just use steroid creams to cover it up, to push it back down. My body had to tell me in different ways. I want bore you with all the health issues I had. The whole time, I kept coming back to yoga, because it made me feel good not only on the physical level, but also on the inside. It wasn’t enough though.

So, in my thirties, I developed some gynaecological issues. I changed my diet and got into self-development and it helped for a while. I was working and trying to get my second master’s. It was all too much, so I started partying again and I got burned out. I got also dumped by someone of whom I thought that was my soul mate. I was devastated but I kept going, I kept pushing. So, I had to hit my head pretty hard, get a concussion and lie in bed for two months, otherwise I would not take a break. I had no one to take care of me and started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, until I found EFT and overcame both.


I kept going until my body started screaming at me. Until I was burned out and so sick that I could not get out of bed.


Not long after that, my father died and I moved back to Europe to be closer with my family. I thought I had it finally all together, a loving relationship and a “dream” job. But I was so stressed in my job that my eczema spread all over my body. I was sick all the time and developed hypothyroidism and severe inflammation in my gut and more than one hundred food sensitivities. I kept going because I thought I can push through it, that I had to push through, because so many people wanted that job and I got it. Until I couldn’t anymore. Until my body started screaming at me. Until I was burned out and so sick that I could not get out of bed for several weeks.


You have to heal chronic health issues from within, on the subconscious and energetic level.


Western medicine wasn’t helping however, so I stared looking for other ways. Everyone who I talked to and all the books I read talked about the need to heal my gut. Over the next few years, I tried many different diets, including an ayurvedic diet, veganism, paleo and the autoimmune protocol (AIP) with barely any success. From all the restrictions, I developed a new fear of food, even more food sensitivities, and some old disordered eating thought patterns stared creeping up on me. That’s when I knew that I can’t continue with diets anymore. I had realized that the only way to heal my chronic health issues is to go in. That it’s not enough to treat symptoms and that it’s necessary to heal from within on a much deeper level!

It’s necessary to heal holistically, to heal not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and energetically. To heal from within, from the inside out. In order to heal physical health issues or symptoms, no matter what they are, you need to uncover the underlying causes of your health issues and work on healing them on the subconscious level and the energetic level.

Until then I didn’t know that EFT could work for eczema and my other physical issues. Until then I only used it for anxiety, stress, panic attacks and grief. When I stared using it for my physical health issues, together with quantum healing, my symptoms started improving. I became a certified EFT therapist and a quantum healing practitioner myself and started helping other women on the side. It took me another two years before I had the guts to leave my old job for good and began helping other women to heal their chronic health issues full-time.

In 2019 and 2020, I went even deeper and went through a spiritual awakening, through a kundalini awakening, connected to my Akashic Records, my guides and my inner voice. I became an inner voice facilitator with Jess Lively in 2020 and that changed my life. I thought that I had already released most of my blocks and limiting beliefs, but with inner voice work, I have released so much more, connected to myself so much deeper, and have been working on living in alignment with my soul purpose and my highest self.


When you stop fighting your body and your illness and start listening to the whispers of your soul, you can not only heal but you can also start living the life you are meant to live.


Today, I know that all my health issues were gifts from my soul and I’m so grateful for all I went through, as it led me to my true self and my purpose. It has also led me here, to you. Sometimes I wish that I had listened sooner, because I struggled for so many years physically, mentally and emotionally, and the whole time I was trying to figure out my life purpose and my place in this world. I know now that I had to go through all that, so I can help other women heal and live healthy, happy and purposeful lives. I can relate to what you are going through and I have so much compassion for your struggles, no matter if they are physical, mental, or emotional. I have been there and I would love to help you to get through whatever you are going through.

I would like you to also start seeing your health issues as gifts from your soul. When you stop fighting your body and your illness and start listening to the whispers of your soul, you can not only heal but you can also start living the life you are meant to live!

What you can do is ask your body and your inner voice what is your body trying to tell you with the issues you are having, with the symptoms you are experiencing? Also ask what you can do about that? What does your inner voice want you to do or change? You can write the questions to your inner voice on a piece of paper and wait for the answers to come. Or you work with an inner voice facilitator like me to get all the answers from your inner voice, and to release all the blocks that are causing your health issues and that are standing in the way of your healing.

I have developed my signature 6 month long 1-1 Deep Healing Program over the years from experience with healing my own chronic health issues, as well as from working with my clients. Apart from inner voice coaching, I also use various energetic healing methods, such as EFT, and different holistic, spiritual and self-development modalities. We meet every month for a two-hour intuitive healing session and every month you receive a written protocol with daily exercises, journal prompts and guided meditations. Each month, we will focus on one area of your life that influences your health and healing, such as mindfulness, self-love, forgiveness, deepening the connection to your inner voice and more. During the six months together, we will uncover and unblock the underlying causes of your health issues. You will also learn how to recognize the signals of your body and your soul, and how you can prevent more issues in the future.

If my 1-1 Deep Healing Program resonates with you and your inner voice, I would love to work with you! Get in touch to find out more about it and schedule a free consultation, where I can answer all your questions and we can talk more about how the program can help you to heal your chronic health issues, and how you can ultimately live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

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I help women to heal

Helping women with chronic health issues to heal from within is my purpose and passion.
My approach is a combination of inner voice coaching and healing, EFT, holistic health coaching, energy healing, self-development, and spirituality.

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I help women to heal

Helping women with chronic health issues to heal through Inner Voice coaching, holistic health coaching and energy healing is my purpose and passion.

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