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11. 2. 20210

Most people are never truly present and that is having a massive impact on their health and wellbeing. They are in the head, wrapped up in thoughts about the past or worries concerning the future, and they almost never pause and notice what is here and now. This constant disconnection from ourselves and our bodies is making us stressed, anxious, sick and overwhelmed. I want to share with you three easy ways how you can bring more presence into your every day, how you can slow down for a few minutes a day and support your health and wellbeing this way.

Most of the time, we are in our head. The mind is running hundred miles an hour, commenting on everything that’s going on around you, judging it, judging yourself and others. When it has nothing or no one to judge, nothing to complain about, it will go on and on about what you did in the past, what you could have said differently, done differently, what you should not have do at all, what other people did or didn’t do to you. Or the mind is thinking about the future. It’s anxious about your to do list, it worries about work, about your relationship, about your family, about your health, about million other things that could possibly happen or go wrong. You are never truly present, never in the present moment. You are never truly in your body, and you are hardly ever really connected to yourself.


We are constantly stressed, anxious, depressed, worried, concerned and unhappy, because we don’t live our lives here and now.


That’s why so many of us are constantly stressed, anxious, depressed, worried, concerned and unhappy. Because we don’t live our lives here and now. We are not in our bodies. We are not connected to our highest self, to our soul, to our intuition. We live imaginary lives in our heads, going hundred miles and hour! We rarely stop and truly ask ourselves, how we really feel deep inside. We run away from our feelings, because they are often painful. So, we pushed them away, we don’t feel them, we don’t process them and they get stuck in the body energetically. Over time, these unprocessed emotions and related thought patterns can create health problems in the physical body.


You are safe in the now.


The key to feeling better and unblock the stuck emotions and blocks we have already created, is to be present, to connect to ourselves, to go within and feel. Feel and listen. Breathe and feel and listen. Also, when you truly connect to the present moment, you realize, that you are ok. In the present moment, no matter what you do, you are hardly ever in danger and there is no need for stress, fear, anger, sadness, or any other negative emotion. Whatever happened, whatever caused you to feel the way you feel, is already in the past or has not even happened yet. Right now, you are ok. Right now, you are safe.


The best and easiest way to be present is to take a few deep breaths.


There are some ways that I would like to share with you on how you can get present and be more present every day.

The best and easiest way is to simply close your eyes and take a few really deep breaths. Make sure you breathe in deeply with your nose and let the air go all the way into your belly, until it blows up like a balloon. You can put your hands on your belly to make sure you are breathing all the way. Then, you slowly breathe out through your mouth. You can even make a noise, aaaaahhhhh. You can count to five while you are breathing in and count to five when breathing out. When you are breathing, concentrate on your breath and blow away any mental thoughts.


Be present in the moment by connecting to your senses.


The second way how to be present in the moment is to engage all your senses by asking yourself a few simple questions. First, ask yourself to name five things you see around you. Then look around the room and name them. For example, you can see a tea cup in front of you on the table, you can see the clock on the wall, you can see your hands, you can see a house plant, and you can also see the sky when you look outside the window. Second, ask yourself to name four things you can touch and name them. You can feel the chair you are sitting on, you can feel your sweater touching your skin, you can feel the tea cup you are holding, and you can feel the cat brushing on your feet. Third, name three things you can hear, such as the traffic outside, the kettle boiling, and you can hear someone talking on the phone. Fourth, name two things you can smell, such as the tea in your cup and the essential oil you are diffusing in the room. Fifth, name one thing you can taste in your mouth, such as the tea you are drinking.


Mindfulness meditation connects you to yourself here and now.


The third way I want to share with you is mindfulness meditation. It’s a simple technique which is based on vipassana meditation. You simply sit still with your eyes closed and you go through your body from head to toe and feel into each part of the body. You start with the top of your head and say to yourself. I feel the top of my head and notice how does it feel. The go to your forehead, notice how it feels and say to yourself, I feel my forehead. Then go to your eyebrows, your yes, your nose, your cheeks, your mouth, your jaw, your ears and so on, until you get to your toes. Simply notice how each part of the body feels and with each part, keep saying quietly to yourself, I feel my eyebrows, my eyes, my nose etc. When you notice any tension, tightness, heaviness, or pain, simply notice it, send your breath into this part of the body, breathe through the feeling a few times and relax into it. Don’t judge it, don’t think about the feeling or why it is there, just notice, breathe and then move on to the next part. You can also imagine each part of the body smiling at you and smile back at it. You can thank each part of the body for all the amazing work it’s doing for you. At the end, thank yourself for taking this time for yourself.

As a bonus tip, I want to suggest to you to be present with whatever you do. Concentrate on one thing at the time and give it your full attention. Forget about multitasking and be present in the now, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. If you are eating, concentrate on eating, if you are doing the dishes, focus on doing the dishes etc. And when you notice that your thoughts are going in a different direction and you are getting stressed or anxious, just bring your attention back to your breath.

These simple ways can bring more presence into your day. Every time you notice that you are getting stressed or emotional, that your mind is running hundred miles an hour again, try one of these. They can only take a minute or five. You can have a short mindfulness breaks throughout the day. Just pause and take a few deep breaths, check in, notice how you feel, where you are, what’s around you and let it all go. This is a good start to bring more mindfulness and presence into your every day and to connect with yourself, your body and your health.

If there are deeper issues or you struggle with chronic health issues, it will take more than this and you will have to go deeper, but these are some quick and simple ways how to get out of your head and into your body. And if you take a few minutes to be present and mindful every day, it can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

 Of course, if you would like to heal your chronic health issues, you would need to go deeper and work on unblocking the underlying causes of your issues in your subconscious and on the energetic level, and on changing the limiting beliefs, your overall mindset and much more. If that is something you would like to find out more about, check out my 1-1 Deep Healing Program, I would love to work with you. However, the tools I gave you in this article, are a good start on being more mindful and connecting to yourself in the present moment.

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